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After school Performing  arts program

The purpose of our program is to enhance the lives of families in the Raleigh/Garner area Through our unique program that encompasses more than Dance. Students in our program benefit from tutoring in all subject areas, self esteem building expercises, disciple, memorization of routines, rythm  and the development of creative expression. 

 Grades k-5

We provide transportation from school to our facility


 A sample of our schedule


4:00 PM Arrive at IPA after a busy day in the classroom.
4:15 PM Time to relax & unwind with a nutritious snack!
4:45 PM Students will participate in One of Five Fun Filled Classes emphasizing fitness and healthy living.
Mon. – Jazz; Tues. – Hip Hop; Wed. – Musical theatre/Vocal; Thur. – Fitness is Fun; Fri. – Free Day (Games & Crafts)
5:15 PM Homework & Study Time until it’s time to go!
6:00 PM After School Program Closes



$55. Full time 5 days a week

$15/day Part time 2-3 days per week

$20 one day week or drop in.


$30 registration fee


Students get to participate in all Invictus events and performances!


Due to the unique nature of our program space is extremly limited!


Call today for more information 919-391-0290

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