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Tuition and fees


All Tuition is due by the First class of each month

**There is a yearly Membership fee of $25.00 pays for dance-Tshirt 

**10% Sibling discount.

Dance Class Tuition:

Our traditional dance season runs from August through June. Tuition is calculated on a monthly basis. We offer 3 different payment options and family discounts.


  • TUITION is $55 month

***Family discounts will automatically be calculated for auto-draft options.


Dress Requirements:

All students must wear a black leotard and footless or transition tights(white, pink, fleshtone) or The Invictus t-shirt with black leggins or shorts. 



Payment Policies:

Fall  Registration: There is an annual membership fee of $25.00 required for each student. Registration fee is required to register and it is non-refundable.

Family Discounts: We are happy to offer a discount off of any additional dancer’s tuition in your family. You will receive a 10% discount off of your second child’s tuition, a 15% discount off of your third child’s tuition and a 15% discount off of tuition  for your fourth (and beyond) child.

Tuition Billing: Our monthly tuition takes into consideration: holidays, performance dates and four/five week months. Therefore, tuition is based on an average and is charged equally each month.  Tuition is not prorated or refunded due to student absences; although, make-up classes may be scheduled. If you join in the middle of a month, your tuition will be prorated based on when your first class will be.

**In the event a class does not make the minimum enrollment requirements, Invictus PA reserves the right to cancel that class, and will issue a full refund for the classes that were not conducted as well as registration fees if no other class is chosen in its place.

Tuition Payment Options: INVICTUS PA offers 4 convenient payment options:



  • Monthly Payments ~ due/auto-drafted on the first of each month.

  • Two semester payments ~ due the 1st of September and the 1st of February. You will receive a discount of 2.5% off of your total tuition fee.

  • Pay the 10 month season in full ~due by September 10th. You will receive a discount of 10% off of your total tuition fee/ or one free month.

  • Methods of Payment: Invictus PA accepts checks, credit cards, debit cards and cash as methods of payment.


      Cash App- User name $INVICTUS14

      Cash payments ~ please hand it to an office staff member and ensure that you receive a receipt. **We will not have cash on hand. So, please ensure that you have the exact amount due.
    • Check payments ~ please make the check out to INVICTUS PA and  write the name of the student(s) in the memo field.

    • Debit or Credit card payments ~ please see an office staff member or log into our customer portal and complete your payment.

    • We offer an auto-draft option. See an office staff member to set up your account or log into our customer portal and set up your auto-draft option. Tuition will be drafted on  a day of your choice. There will be a total of ten drafts starting in September and ending in June. This method will make it easy for you, as well ensure that all your payments are in on time. **Please note that it is the card holder’s responsibility to update the studio with credit/debit card expiration dates and account number changes.

    **Please note : If Invictus PA receives a NSF notice from your credit/banking provider, a $35 fee will be charged on your account. 

  • Tuition Late Fee: Please be aware that a $15 late fee will be applied to any account that is past due after the 10th of each month.                                                                                                                                                                        Statements and notices will be sent via email at that time.Withdrawal: Withdrawal from class must be submitted in writing to Invictus PA at least 30 days prior to effective date of withdrawal.  You will be held responsible for all tuition and fees due until proper withdrawal has been submitted. The system automatically refers all delinquent accounts to collection.

    • Annual Membership Fee: $25.00 (non-refundable) ~ due/drafted at time of registration.

    • Costume Deposit: $25.00 per class/$50 combo classes (non-refundable) ~ due by/drafted on November 1st.

    • Costume Balance: $25.00/ $50 combo classes ~ due by/drafted on February 1st.

    • Recital -Families are required to sell recital tickets to participate.


** We invite NEW students to participate in a trial class.

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